Unveiling the Role of Ig Punjab in Safeguarding Pakistan: A Comprehensive Guide


In the intricate web of law enforcement in Pakistan, the Inspector General of Police (IG Punjab) stands as a central figure, overseeing the maintenance of law and order in the largest province of the country. This position holds immense responsibility, requiring adept leadership, strategic planning, and a deep commitment to public safety. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the role and functions of the IG Punjab, shedding light on its significance and impact on society.

Understanding IG Punjab

The Inspector General of Police (IG Punjab) serves as the highest-ranking officer in the provincial police department of Punjab, Pakistan. Appointed by the government, the IG Punjab is entrusted with the task of ensuring the effective implementation of law and order across the province. This includes maintaining public safety, preventing and investigating crimes, and upholding the principles of justice and equity.

The IG Punjab oversees a vast network of police stations, officers, and personnel, coordinating their efforts to address various challenges and threats to security. From urban centers to rural areas, the IG Punjab’s jurisdiction extends across diverse landscapes, reflecting the complexity of policing in a densely populated province like Punjab.

IG Punjab

Current IG Punjab: Leadership and Vision:

As of [2024], [Dr Usman Anwar] holds the esteemed position of Inspector General of Police in Punjab, Pakistan. With his vast experience and expertise in law enforcement, [Dr Usman Anwar] brings a fresh perspective and renewed energy to the role.

Current IG Punjab Dr Usman Anwar

Under his leadership, the Punjab Police continues to adapt to evolving challenges and dynamics, embracing technology and innovation to enhance its effectiveness. Dr Usman Anwar is committed to upholding the rule of law, protecting human rights, and serving the citizens of Punjab with integrity and professionalism.

IG Punjab Complaint Cell 1787: Addressing Citizens’ Concerns:

The IG Punjab Complaint Cell serves as a vital mechanism for citizens to voice their concerns and grievances regarding law enforcement matters. This dedicated platform allows individuals to report incidents of misconduct, corruption, or negligence by police officers or departments.IGP 

IGP Complaint Center

One of the initiatives undertaken by the Punjab Police is the establishment of an integrated IGP Police Complaint Center. Previously, complaints were submitted either via post or by personally visiting the Inspector General of Police office in Lahore. However, this new initiative aims to streamline the complaint process by enabling individuals to register their complaints through SMS and voice calls using a designated short code (1787). Additionally, complaints can also be lodged online or via email.

To manage these complaints efficiently, a dedicated team of young IT professionals has been assigned. This team ensures prompt handling of complaints and maintains regular communication with the complainants until the resolution of their issues. Complainants can monitor the progress of their complaints online and provide feedback at any time, either through the online platform or via SMS.

The IGP Complaint Center entertains various types of complaints, including non-registration of FIRs, faulty investigations, illegal detentions, arrests of innocent persons, registration of false FIRs, slackness in duty, and demands of illegal gratification.

IG punjab

All complaints received are promptly forwarded to senior-ranking officers for necessary action. Additionally, no complaint is assigned to an officer below the rank of a Sub Divisional Police Officer. These officers are required to personally contact the complainant within 8 hours of receiving the complaint and report back to the IGP Complaints Center. Furthermore, they are obligated to submit their final reports within stipulated timelines. This ensures accountability and timely resolution of complaints.

IG Punjab Contact Number: Reaching Out for Assistance:

In case of emergencies or to report any suspicious activity, citizens can contact the Punjab Police through the designated helpline number: [Inspector General of Police, Punjab Phone: 042-99210062-3 Fax: 042-99210064]. This 24/7 helpline is staffed by trained operators who can assist callers and dispatch appropriate response units as needed.

IG Punjab Contact Number

Individuals can reach out to the IG Punjab’s office directly for inquiries or assistance regarding law enforcement matters. Contact information for the IG Punjab’s office, including phone numbers and email addresses, is readily available on official government websites and publications.

IG Punjab: Key Responsibilities and Functions

Law Enforcement: The primary responsibility of the IG Punjab is to enforce the law effectively. This involves deploying resources strategically, conducting patrols, and responding to incidents promptly. The IG Punjab sets the tone for law enforcement policies and practices, ensuring that they align with the legal framework of the country.

Crime Prevention and Investigation: Another crucial aspect of the IG Punjab’s role is the prevention and investigation of crimes. This includes developing intelligence networks, conducting surveillance operations, and apprehending offenders. The IG Punjab works closely with other law enforcement agencies and stakeholders to address emerging threats and challenges.

Community Engagement: Building trust and fostering positive relationships with the community is essential for effective policing. The IG Punjab actively engages with the public through various outreach programs, community policing initiatives, and public awareness campaigns. By involving the community in crime prevention efforts, the IG Punjab aims to create a safer and more secure environment for all.

Training and Capacity Building: To enhance the capabilities of the police force, the IG Punjab emphasizes training and capacity building initiatives. This includes providing ongoing education and skills development programs for police officers, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to perform their duties effectively. By investing in the professional development of its personnel, the IG Punjab aims to improve overall performance and service delivery.

IG Punjab Police: Strengthening Law Enforcement

The Punjab Police, under the leadership of the IG Punjab, plays a vital role in maintaining peace and security in the province. With its extensive network of police stations and officers, the Punjab Police is at the forefront of law enforcement efforts, tackling various crimes and challenges on a daily basis.

IG Punjab Police  

One of the key priorities of the Punjab Police is to ensure the safety and security of citizens. This involves patrolling streets, conducting checkpoints, and responding to emergency calls promptly. Through proactive policing strategies, the Punjab Police aims to deter criminal activities and maintain order in communities across the province.

In addition to its operational duties, the Punjab Police is also actively involved in community policing initiatives. By engaging with local residents, religious leaders, and community organizations, the police build trust and foster cooperation in crime prevention efforts. Community policing emphasizes collaborative problem-solving and encourages active participation from all stakeholders.

IG Punjab Name and Recent Developments

Recently, the appointment of Usman Anwar as the new IG Punjab has garnered significant attention. Usman Anwar brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise in law enforcement, promising a renewed approach towards tackling the challenges faced by the province. His appointment reflects the government’s commitment to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the police force in Punjab.

IG Punjab’s Role and Responsibilities

The role of IG Punjab encompasses a wide array of responsibilities aimed at upholding law and order and safeguarding the rights of the citizens. Some of the key functions of IG Punjab include:

Maintaining Law and Order: IG Punjab is entrusted with the task of maintaining peace and order in the province. This involves deploying personnel, conducting patrols, and responding to incidents promptly to ensure public safety.

Preventing and Investigating Crimes: IG Punjab oversees efforts to prevent crimes through proactive measures such as intelligence gathering, surveillance, and community policing. In cases where crimes occur, the IG Punjab ensures thorough investigations to apprehend perpetrators and deliver justice.

Ensuring Police Accountability: IG Punjab is responsible for promoting transparency and accountability within the police force. This includes addressing misconduct allegations, enforcing disciplinary actions, and fostering a culture of integrity and professionalism among police personnel.

Coordinating with Government Agencies: IG Punjab collaborates with other government agencies and departments to address security challenges comprehensively. This may involve coordinating security arrangements for special events, managing crises, and implementing joint initiatives to combat organized crime and terrorism.

IG punjab

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about IG Punjab

What is IG Punjab?

IG Punjab stands for Inspector General of Police, Punjab. It is the highest-ranking police officer in the Punjab province of Pakistan, responsible for overseeing law enforcement activities and maintaining public order.

What are the main responsibilities of IG Punjab?

The primary responsibilities of IG Punjab include enforcing the law, preventing and investigating crimes, ensuring public safety, and upholding justice and equity across the province.

How is the IG Punjab appointed?

The IG Punjab is appointed by the government of Punjab, typically on the recommendation of the provincial police department and with approval from higher authorities.

What is the role of IG Punjab in community engagement?

IG Punjab plays a crucial role in engaging with the community through various initiatives such as community policing programs, outreach activities, and public awareness campaigns aimed at building trust and cooperation.

How can I contact IG Punjab in case of emergencies or complaints?

In case of emergencies, individuals can contact the Punjab Police through the designated helpline number provided by the IG Punjab office. Additionally, complaints can be lodged through SMS, voice calls, online platforms, or emails.

What is the IG Punjab Complaint Center?

The IG Punjab Complaint Center is an integrated platform established by the Punjab Police to receive and address complaints from the public regarding various law enforcement matters. It aims to provide a streamlined process for lodging complaints and ensuring prompt resolution.

What types of complaints are entertained at the IG Punjab Complaint Center?

The IG Punjab Complaint Center entertains a wide range of complaints, including non-registration of FIRs, faulty investigations, illegal detentions, arrests of innocent persons, registration of false FIRs, slackness in duty, and demands of illegal gratification.

How are complaints handled at the IG Punjab Complaint Center?

Upon receiving a complaint, a dedicated team of IT professionals manages the process, ensuring regular communication with the complainant and tracking the progress of the complaint until resolution. Senior-ranking officers are responsible for taking appropriate action on the complaints received.

What measures are in place to ensure accountability in handling complaints?

To ensure accountability, complaints are not assigned to officers below the rank of a Sub Divisional Police Officer. These officers are required to personally contact the complainant within a specified timeframe and submit final reports within stipulated timelines.

Can I provide feedback on the handling of my complaint at the IG Punjab Complaint Center?

Yes, complainants have the option to provide feedback on the handling of their complaints at the IG Punjab Complaint Center. They can do so either through the online platform or via SMS, ensuring transparency and continuous improvement in the complaint resolution process.


In conclusion, the Inspector General of Police (IG Punjab) plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety, security, and well-being of the citizens of Punjab, Pakistan. Through effective leadership, strategic planning, and community engagement, the IG Punjab and the Punjab Police work tirelessly to uphold the rule of law and protect the rights of all individuals. By understanding the functions and responsibilities of the IG Punjab, citizens can actively contribute to building safer and more resilient communities across the province.

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